Coaching by Sonya Keenan

Developing a business to its full potential can be difficult. It can be like solving a jigsaw puzzle without a picture to follow. Many Business Owners fear that they are missing a piece of the puzzle and are unsure if they have the necessary information and skills to complete the puzzle.

This is where our coaching program comes into play. We understand the passion needed to run a successful business and we work with you to make sure you have all the puzzle pieces in the right place.

We can help unlock the value that is sitting in your business right now!

At Omnichannel Media Group, we help people like you to map out and identify how to re-structure and re-arrange the hidden assets and Intellectual Property within your business to massively increase your results.

Coaching allows you to not only gain our insight into your business but develop your own skills internal so that you can leverage your business better. We help you turn a world of information into actionable knowledge

“I’ve been participating in the OMG coaching program for almost a year and in that time I’ve doubled my business income. Sonya helped me achieve clarity and direction.

Georgia Foster

Less than a year later sales have tripled. Yes indeed, I did need Sonya. She’s the most essential strategist and team member I could have found.

Dr Wendy Sweet

Sonya has taken me from some of the most basic concepts to a place where I feel like I understand the more subtle nuances of marketing and reaching clients. I am most grateful to have Sonya in my corner and I am looking forward to continuing the relationship in the future. “


When you grow a business, you need ambassadors, people that love and respect your brand as you do.
Sonya Keenan is one of those people. Using our programs she has worked to build the DigitalMarketer community Down Under.


There are only two ways to grow your business profitability:

Our strategies can help you achieve both.

At OMG we create digital marketing strategies that engage and connect you with your customers by:

  • Building Awareness
  • Creating Engagement
  • Improving Conversions
  • Exciting your customers to scale and grow lifetime value

Ultimately our goal is to turn cold prospects into raving fans

Coaching + Benefits

As a part of our coaching program you also have access to our team of:

  • Sales Team Strategists and trainers
  • Online training platform 
  • Content producers
  • Traffic strategist and managers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Graphics Designers
  • Brand specialists
  • Event Managers
  • Productivity and Profitability Analysis

Let me help you tell your story, connect with your customers and overcome the buyer barriers.

Sonya Keenan, OMG Coaching

Not sure if one-on-one coaching is for you? Just need some help with digital marketing?

Check out my Digital Implementation Group