If you’ve read about Mark Zuckerberg’s big Facebook changes, mobilization, chatbots and the new marketing trends for 2018 you’re probably wondering what this means for your digital marketing efforts in 2018.

The good news is, OMG is bringing back one of the DM team this April to explain all!

Molly Pittman is the former VP of Marketing for Digital Marketer, and what she doesn’t know about the online marketing world, simply isn’t worth knowing.

Since we last saw her, Molly has started her own business – a business dedicated to teaching people like you and me how to escalate our marketing plans to get more customers and more revenue for our business by using online advertising.

Molly Pittman is the queen of online sales automation using chatbots.

She has learnt how to create responsive sales campaigns that don’t talk at customers but instead start a conversation with them and customise the sales experience to meet their needs.

When she comes out in April, she’ll show us exactly how to do this with a little Facebook feature called “Messenger”. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Messenger is a way to instant message other Facebook users but what you might not know is how to use it to convert “Facebook likes” into customers.

Molly is also bringing with her another former DM member, Lindsay Marder. Lindsay was the Managing Editor and the “engine” room of the Digital Marketer content team. She curated and pushed out the amazing content that we love.

We’ve all heard it a thousand times but in today’s digital world – CONTENT REALLY IS KING. So we are very keen to hear what Lindsay has to say about how to create content that doesn’t just suck time and energy away from your business but contributes to your bottom line.

So how is this event going to help you?

This event is for anyone who

  • Advertises on Facebook or is considering advertising in Facebook. You’ll learn the best ways to do it to reach the most people and convert them to customers.
  • Writes blogs and creates social media content or is thinking of writing blogs for their website or using social media to build their profile and their sales.
  • Wants more sales and better customer experience from their digital marketing investment.

VISIT THE EVENT PAGE – to find out more and reserve your seat

Here’s a video from Molly about what to expect

Content & Traffic Event April 2018