The Omnichannel Media Group (O.M.G.) is very pleased to announce we have been appointed Certified Partners for both infusionsoft and Digital Marketer.

We are the first agency in Australia to claim this status for both organisations. This means we can offer our clients and partners unique access to all the resources of these organisations.

We can now offer a level of service that can take our client from product development through to launching a fully automated and personalized sales process.

infusionsoft has revolutionized how SME’s can market…. we use it very day and we love it and now we can help you grow your business in a cost effective and time saving way….   To register for a demonstration of infusionsoft just click on the link below and follow the instructions CLICK HERE FOR INFUSION SOFT DEMO

But it is no use having a fantastic CRM system if you do not have the sales funnels to make it sing.

Ryan Deiss and the Digital Marketer team are the market leaders in generating sales through traffic and conversion and we are proud to be their first partners in Australia.

These guys spend $100,000’s every month promoting products online so they now what works and what doesn’t. The Funnel Blue Print and The Machine are their two signature products that we are now authorized to sell and install for our clients.

We can also assist with a full certified training and development program for your team in all areas of digital marketing. We love helping people achieve their dreams and now with this great new partnership we now we can accelerate the success path for you and your business.

We would love to tell you more… contact me today to set up a time –