OMNI – (latin prefix) – “all” or “every”
CHANNEL (noun) – a path of parallel trend lines or frequencies.

Create digital strategies that allow your followers to connect when they want, how they want….desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet

MEDIA (noun) – a way to store, transmit & receive information

In a world of countless ways of communicating with your followers we are here to help you navigate your way there the right channels

(noun) a number of people that share certain beliefs

We work with like minded people to create outcomes that inspire, delight and challenge you to shoot for the stars

Founding partner

Founding partner

Megan Houston

Content and Implementation Team Manager

Kahlia Ericson

Program Sales BBDH

Sheera Maine Manzano

Website developer and Implementation VA

Tanya Thiedeman

Content writer

Amy Landy

Digital Marketer